They say that one of the biggest problems of modern society is that people have become too lazy. Well, while I’m not really sure about any of that, it does seem quite apparent that there are actually more white-collar workers than blue-collar workers. It seems like everybody is pining for a job where they can work from the comforts of an office and generally keep away from trouble and dirt. However, life is never really as simple as it seems and, with the way the world’s economy seems to be tanking about, it wouldn’t be surprising that a lot of white collar workers are finding themselves in difficult situations. But if you’re someone who enjoys the difficulty of hard labor and wants to make a good living off of honest work, maybe you should check out our general labor resume sample and get to doing some tiring but nonetheless rewarding work in the process.

So what does general labor entail?


There’s no denying just how central the gas or petrol industry has become over the years. In fact, while it is generally believed that some company somewhere is indeed developing alternative fuel sources, it will be a long time yet before common gas or petrol is put out of business. After all, it’s an ever growing industry with more and more people coming to discover said sources of fuel and finding a means to make good fortune off of the business, it’s not at all that surprising, is it? Anyway, one really popular job these days is being a landman, a person who monitors and maintains all the equipment that has to do with the gas in a give stretch of land. So you want to make a resume for a landman, huh? Well then, learn what it entails before you get started.

A landman is a person who observes all the equipment in a given area that has to do with the extraction of crude oil and various other substances that’s to be used in making gas that’s usable for vehicles.


Being a seafarer is an aspiration for a lot of people. After all, this is their chance to go out into the world and experience all the wonders and spectacles that the many nations of the Earth has to offer. While yes, it can be a rather challenging and tiring job, one can still make the best of things and enjoy all the sights and sounds of the peoples of the world and discover all kinds of interesting things! So c’mon and check out our sample resume seafarer and find out if you have a chance to see the world and enjoy all it’s wonders.

Well, being a seafarer can be indeed very challenging.


One of the biggest businesses of today is of course the gas or petrol industry, after all, it seems the world’s economy is entirely dependent on crude oil and the extraction thereof. After all, you have to take into consideration that the world seems to run on gas and that a lot of individuals and their companies have made themselves wealthy by taking advantage of the available sources of fuel that can be found throughout the world. And just as fuel seems to be in huge demand in this day and age, so are the personnel needed to monitor and maintain the ever booming fuel industry. So do you think you have what it takes to become a landman for a given oil company? Well, you can check out our landman resume examples so you can get started.

Just a few things you’ll find in good landman resume examples