It may seem unfair but it is generally true that a good number of hiring managers and recruiters make employment decisions within the first couple of minutes of the interview. This is why one must be able to impress the recruiting specialist early on. In order to achieve this we have several tips that have been gathered from different recruitment specialists throughout the country.

First and foremost you have to exude vitality and confidence from the get go. An interview starts when you enter the door and not when you start talking; this is because once the hiring manager sees you he or she will start forming opinions about your character so every minute counts. Also subtle body language like a firm handshake and maintaining eye contact will help communicate your confidence to the interviewer. Next, be mindful of your appearance. Personal hygene and appropriate clothes are important and remember it is always best to dress up rather than down for an interview. Plan and practice the examples you’ll be mentioning during your interview. Remember while it may be acceptable to describe yourself as a self starter during an interview, being able to give a success story example about it is much better. Last but not the least, be informed not just about the position you are applying for but about the company and if possible the person who will interview you. Engaging the recruiter in a naturally flowing conversation is a good strategy for making a positive impression so having relevant topics on hand to discuss is always a good idea. Bear in mind that when you sit down for an interview they already know through your resume your qualifications and are for the most part are satisfied with it. The interview is more to determine if you are a “good fit” for the company and its people so first impressions are crucial.

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