Looking for a job? In such situations one of the first things an individual does is to update their resume. The major problem that job applicants have with resume writing is language. Since there is so much competition for every job opening, writing a resume that will capture the interest of HR specialists and managers will definitely work in your favor.

Updating a resume is more than just adding additional learning and experience; one will also need to update the words as well as some phrases often used to describe achievements, skills, goals, objectives and characteristics. The language we use in a resume can either boost interest or discourage the HR specialist from interviewing you so words must be chosen carefully. The following are words and/or phrases which can do your resume more harm than good so better steer clear of them.
1. Responsible for…-This gives the HR manager the impression that you are an average employee. You perform your responsibilities and that’s it, you do not go the extra mile. You need to use words that are more compelling like managed or led.
2.  Hardworking-To an HR specialist this word does not mean much, it would be more effective if you include situations in which your former company benefitted from your hard work.
3. Team player-Even though this characteristic is very important when it comes to hiring the right individual for any job, it does not reveal how successful a team player you are. It would be better to include success stories relevant to collaborative efforts.
4. Salary negotiable-It is not necessary to include this phrase in your resume because it is a “truth” in the job market that any kind of salary right now is negotiable.

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