Across the top of your resume is your resume title, it is conspicuous and can be used to your advantage if worded properly. HR and resume writing specialists advise that we ought to make a title that should influence or compel the hiring manager to keep reading the resume. It should be professionally worded and memorable. Your title and the rest of your resume should also be in sync; whatever position you choose to put on the title the rest of the document must establish the fact that you are qualified for it.

Many individuals make the mistake of assuming that the resume title only includes the applicant’s name. In fact what it should include is your best qualification and objective. Your best qualification could be a job skill, industry credential or number of year’s experience. Do not try to be witty or humorous when writing your resume title, employers are looking for professionals who are serious about results and using gimmicks will not communicate this. Examples of what not to use are “Hire me!”, John Doe Resume and “I’m the best candidate for the job”. Below are good examples of resume titles:

For Sales:
• Unedited: Jane Doe for Hire
• Edited: Top-Ranked Pharmacy Sales Rep, 5 Yrs.

For Graphics Design:
• Unedited: Graphics Designer
• Edited: Graphics Designer — Adobe Suite/3D

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