Trying to land a job with all the negative stories of a depression floating around may seem like a shot in the dark, there are however things you can do to better your chances of being employed. Although it seems like there are no job openings, employment specialists continue to tell us that there are jobs available we just need to adjust our job search method to make it more focused as well as being flexible and willing to learn new skills. These minor changes can put us in a much better position to be hired.

I know that you are probably thinking that those changes may seem minor but where does one start? If you are living in California then you certainly do not have to go through this albeit confusing and yes challenging time alone. There are many one-stop career centers which connect job seekers with employment prospects. California in fact has in excess of 250 of these centers in operation, and the best part is they have free resources that you can use.

Some of the ways these centers can help you are listed below:
• Their staff or online applications can help you evaluate your work related skills, set goals as well as search for training providers.
• You can look at the available jobs posted in their site and submit an application online.
• Since you are possibly unemployed, in these centers you can learn about benefits or services you could be entitled to. These could further help tide you over financially or help give you access to training you need to land a job.
• You can use their email or message center to get in touch with employers
• You can use their data base to research cover letters and resume formats.

Examples of these career centers are:
Anaheim workforce center
(714) 765-4350

Los Angeles Urban League Worksource Business & Career Center
(323) 600-1106

Sacramento Works One Stop Career Center
(916) 286-8600

While using these free resources at the center it is also a good idea to join to better tailor your resume and cover letter to the job openings that you’ll find. Their experience in the job search field can definitely improve your resume and make it more competitive in the current job market. To join click here.